Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two More Changes

So the Firelands patch is now released, and the great honor farm--or Molten Front dailies, or Firelands raid attempts, depending on what you're into--are now underway.

I want to just touch on two more changes that came in with this patch--something on top of all those new pets we lucky hunters got.

First off, you've probably noticed that the Aggressive pet stance has been removed.  While this makes me somewhat sad--it means my pet can't pull rogues or druids from stealth anymore--it was quite situational and I guess I understand the reasoning.  What is the reasoning?  Well, they wanted to make room for a new stance, called "Assist."  What Assist does is make the pet attack whatever you attack, staying on any target you're focusing on.  Essentially, it removes the need for PvErs to macro /petattack into everything.

Before & After Kibler's Bits.
The second change is a cosmetic one, but it's definitely worth mentioning.  The old Kibler's Bits pet food (you can get the recipe by doing Outland cooking dailies) has been changed.  Instead of increasing your pet's happiness--which was removed as a statistic in 4.1--Kibler's Bits now make your pet a great deal larger for five minutes.  You'll also notice a blue glow drifting from your pet.  This is quite nice to use on, for example, the tiny Demon Dogs for laughs!

Be honest... Would you mess with this?

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