Tuesday, June 28, 2011

JS' Hunter Bar - Addon

Here's another addon I'd like to share.

This is an explanation of some of the features; this is also altered a bit for my own UI.

JS' Hunter Bar is an addon that provides a lot of hunter utility in a small package.  It's highly configurable, so even if there's things you don't like about it, you can remove or change them.

The addon is basically a moveable graphical display.  It shows timers and durations of short-term buffs and procs, along with a more visible focus bar, autoshot swing timer and spec-specific build-up display (for BM, this means it will track Frenzy stacks).  It also has moveable pop-up icons warning you when your opponent has something that should be purged with Tranquilizing Shot (ex. an Enrage on a warrior or boss), in addition to having a nice "trap duration" icon warning you of your triggered Freezing Trap's duration.  With this addon installed, there's also the option to cast Misdirection onto your raid/party members or pet simply by right-clicking their raid or party frame, as well as options to announce Misdirection (and failed Misdirection due to mounted target) to party or raid.

Last, but certainly not least, there's a popup in chat informing you (with spell links) of what exactly your Tranquilizing Shot has purged, and off whom.  You can configure this to announce to raid, chat, yourself in /whisper, or auto-chat depending on your group type.

It's got a lot of utility packed into a very small addon, and I strongly recommend it for all hunters!

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  1. First off: This addon is defenately one of the best things that has ever happened to hunters in the addon section for a looong looong time

    Second: I have a bug where every time i change anything in the config(in-game) the bar turns white and stops working proberly.

    Is this a known bug, and how can i fix it? (Deleting Saved viables is a temperary fix, but still wont allow me to change settings)

    I apologise for any inconvenience of multi-posting.